Meet the Author...

Florida native and Salisbury, MD resident, Andrew Heller is a father, husband, brother, son, partner, friend, pet lover, author, playwright, director, educator, children’s theatre artist, stage manager, storyteller, cook, landscaper, reader, history lover, beach goer, 80’s and 90’s music fan, dancer to same 80's/90's music, loud awful singer, pinochle player, nature lover, swimmer, and someone who loves his family, both relative and extended, so very much!!! He has written and adapted several Children's Theatre Plays and has two contemporary Comedy/Drama's under his belt.

Andrew loves Halloween, Harry Potter, Old Movies, and he went to Alaska once without telling his parents . . . Andrew Heller is a little impulsive, but fun loving, caring, thoughtful, and kind! 

Well . . . he hopes so anyway!

Andrew's Work

A Bunch of Ellipses...

Two plays

Mama ChaCha's School for Girls

(Or What Every Queer Boy Should Know.)

Samuel Smythe Series

Mystery of the Missing PapersMystery of the Snakebird
Mystery of the Urbane

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